Mystery Team

Boat Trip

I woke up sprawled out on the bar at the Fat Pony. One of the merchant guys we sold all of our dead kobold armor to was yakking at me. He wants me to locate some guy who went missing down south in the swamps, says the guy was supposed to bring him some kind of magical item. His wizardy bullshit isn’t really any of my business, but this is the first dissapearance we’ve heard of since Vanessa went missing, and the only lead we have. He said he would arrange for a raft to take us down river to the marshland where his associate lives.

I go and talk to the rest of the guys. Ximian, the gnome we found, says that another one of the merchants is going to give him some wizardy scroll thing in exchange for a lock of a lady’s hair. I don’t know much about magic, but when one of these creepy magical types gets to looking at a lady all weird-like the natural progression of things tends to be that she gets abducted and locked in some shitty dungeon until I go stab the magic guy to death and save her. Cutting out all of that middle part and just murdering the guy in the street is kind of appealing, but Ximian says he needs the spell. So maybe we fleece the guy, find some horse hair or goblin hair or something and the fella gets more than he bargained for in the romance department.

I bring up the issue of the box. Vanessa was vulnerable to the same force that turned all of the friars into monsters. I get the feeling it has something to do with her powers. Like maybe she isn’t even calling the shots in her own body. Giving it to her old man in the middle of a town full of people seems like a bad call to me. I suggest we destroy it, but nobody can think of how to do it. I say volcano. That or we tie it to an anchor and sink it in the deepest part of the ocean we can find. The others seem to think it has a will of its own, that it somehow wants to be found, and that our attempts to destroy it won’t work. I say we at least need to keep it on us while we go look for the trader’s missing associate. It goes in the backpack and we leave.

We meet up with the traders down by the river. They put us on the raft with some instructions on how to find this guy and we arrive in the marshes. We have to travel further by boat, so we get some canoes from some local yokel and set out toward a big white willow that marks the way to the old tower this guy is supposed to live in. As we neared it there we saw some bodies strung up in the tree. I got out and looked around, saw they were goblins. Dead goblins, always brightens my day.
Then the fog rolls in. They aren’t all dead. It’s a trap. And I’m covered in fucking snakes.

Henry and Wulfchild run in and start killing goblins, and after I climb out of the pile of snakes I start trying to find the shaman that did whatever magic that was. I try to climb the tree to kill him, but I fall down and the goblins knock me out for a little while. Henry shoots the shaman with an arrow and he falls out of the tree onto his neck. Wulfchild manages to heal me and I kill one of the goblins as soon as I snap back awake. We capture one of them and start asking questions. Ximian speaks goblin so I just roughed the guy up a little when he didn’t seem to be responsive. The goblin says they are looting the corpses that were strung up in the tree when we ran across them. He doesn’t offer us much good info, other than that nobody comes back from the island that we are heading to alive. I choke him out and we leave the dead goblins.

When the canoes get close to our destination we get attacked by crocodiles. Salt water crocodiles that shouldn’t be here. Which is weird. I jump out and get to shore, start shooting arrows at the crocs. They shred Wulfchild and Henry’s boat pretty bad, but they make it to shore and we finish off one of the crocs. It’s fake. When I cut it, it is full of straw. So I tackle the other one and hold it’s jaws shut while the rest of the guys try to stab it, but it gets loose so I just kill it. More magic shit. Great.



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