Mystery Team

Death Free

My newly founded compatriots are incapable of rational thought, I’m quite certain.

Let me back up. We were joined by Hellgarth Johnson while we are about to head back to Lister and see the mayor and sheriff. Soon after meeting with Hellgarth, who is well known in these parts, strangely, many other random people wanted to hangout with us. Luckily, we were able to perform the Skyping ritual to banish these interlopers and continue on our journey.

We came up with an unnecessary plan to scout out Lister before returning. Really we just needed to Gnome-up and walk in there like a bunch of ballers. The sheriff believes us about those criminals attacking us, but he doesn’t really care, his brother, the mayor, was murdered in the middle of the night by a supposed spectral. They summoned me to investigate since I’m a wizard — as if I have some sort of training in assassination. Well, after determining that I saw no magic in play in the area, I get Billiam up there to do some tracking and other crap that treehuggers do. Can’t say I’m at much of a loss, that mayor really started acting like a real penis, though we all know that’s just because he probably got possessed.

I have a feeling that we should have been preventing some of these deaths. Maybe we’re just in the wrong place at the wrong time. Maybe we need to stop dying to statues.

So we head over to the Algonquins (Wassa, Saladin, and my best friend Ibid) to pull the ol’ switch-a-roo on Ibid so I can get the Detect Magic scroll. I slip him some horse hair that I enchanted and he was none the wiser. I hope that doesn’t get me killed. Fun fact in all this, Hank spoke with the bard in Fat Pony and it sounds like she would have been totes ok with us giving her hair to Ibid. Pretty sure she’s already in love with him without him having to use some dark love ritual on her.

Anyway, the Algonquins were very excited about the bronze bird. It turns out it’s just a collectible child’s toy that dances around. They weren’t all that heart-broken about their dead friend — definitely not the same level of emotion that they displayed with the bronze bird started to dance on the ground. Quest complete. Reward claimed.

Oh yeah, Billiam almost got himself killed after getting in to one of his moods and breaking down Ibid’s cart door. Luckily Ibid wasn’t in a murderous mood and just made a fool of Billiam by casting what I would guess was Grease and watching Billiam fall on his ass. I had a bit of a laugh externally, though internally I was just glad that he didn’t just cast a fireball to consume us all.

Hellgarth dropped some knowledge on us that he had a beef with a zombie raising goblin named Mo in the swamps. It sounded related to our main Quest so we decided to go check it out.

Now here’s where shit starts to break down. We start traveling down the river, you know, towards to canoe rental house — it was on the way to the swamp. We stop there. Yes, this is the same guy who had his canoe destroyed by alligators, and then later had his other canoe destroyed in a make-shift funeral procession for a hired thug. And yes, this is the same guy that we openly talked about bringing down to the sheriff’s office (not to mention open talks about killing him and the other hired thugs). I wasn’t really paying attention and was probably lost in one of my books when one of my companions decide to go and speak with him. Now I’m not sure what kind of response they were expecting, and frankly, I’m surprised he didn’t just attack us on site. We kind of fucked him over pretty hard. Anyway, we ask him for a canoe, and I’m completely shocked at his response of him to basically telling us to go fuck ourselves after killing his friend, destroying his canoes and talking about murdering him and his other friends. That guy needs to learn some swashbuckling etiquette.

So we walk to the swamp rather than taking canoes. Go figure.

I can’t wait to see Wulfchilde rain fire down upon our enemies at the swamp.


PS I feel like the gods are being especially cruel to me. I’m certain I’m on the cusp of being able to able to memorize another spell during my sleep, yet I am still lacking only the tiniest fraction experience in order to so.


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