Mystery Team

Excerpts From The Dashing Escapades of Ser Henry Van-Til Bonkers, The Noble Knave - A Memoir in 10 Parts

Sheriff Rupert was replaced by Captain Ester, a weary soldier from the capital. Rupert had left a detailed report but had mentioned that the necromancer is male. She knew about the box and offered to hire us to revisit the abbey. We negotiated a wage of 13 gp a week.

Ximian and Henry went to visit Sheriff Rupert to see how he handled being relieved of duty. He had taken it well, but was dismayed that we told Ester that it was Vanessa. He identified the dresses as not all belonging to Vanessa, but a gray bloodied one did belong to Vanessa.

While on our way to the abbey, we ended up in an altercation with some gnomish mercenaries. A well timed sleep spell from Ximian put the gnomes out of business. They work for Brian, and are hunting One-Eye.

Shortly after, we encountered a patrol of kobolds. We made short work of them, and went on to the kobold caves. We ran into a door, and tried to use our hostage to get in. They just took our hostage. Undeterred, we brute forced our way through the kobold tunnels. After an intense battle, we’ve found more of the tongueless goblins. We were completely out of spells and utterly exhausted. Immediately after resting, we were attacked by a horrible snarling wolf monster. Hellgarth nearly had his throat torn out before we literally deflated it. While trying to heal him up, the kobolds collapsed the tunnels. We ran into a gnome squadron, and they wanted to see the collapsed cave. Jam Jamsen was the gnome assigned to us, and we made an uneventful trip to the collapsed tunnel.

Jam took careful note of what he saw, and eventually Tunnelord decided that having a band of adventurers on his side was better than the alternative, and hired us to besiege the kobold tunnels. After a long journey and basic lesson in Tunnelspeak, we ended up at a flimsy wooden gate. Surprisingly, we decided not to burn it to the ground.

Naturally, this lead to us being attacked by another giant demon dog. We hurt it enough to kill a dozen lesser wolves, but it kept going. Even the Protection From Evil spell cast on it[‘s victim last time barely fazed it. We picked off the rest of the kobolds sniping at us, until finally the horrible creature deflated from what we can assume was time. Certainly something to keep in mind as we begin the latest, most foolhardy adventure the Bad News Bugbears have seen yet.


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