Mystery Team

Garbage Friends

The dungeon has been taking a toll on us all. Dean and Jarvin seem as quiet as ever, being completely unprepared to slay the corpses of local farmhands. Jarvin’s pleas to St. Cuthbert seem to be falling on deaf ears the deeper we go, with less and less of the undead being turned by his symbol. Dean is as grim as ever, and I must confess that even after his episode at the chapel I am glad he is with us, as I doubt we’d all still be alive without his chainmail to absorb the endless blows from zombies and worse. Billiam seems to have slipped into a sort of melancholy, no doubt the next stage in his rapidly developing madness. Unfortunately, that same madness has also lead directly to over a dozen corpses being laid back to rest, so I can’t really complain.

We’ve managed to explore most of the dungeon, or at least it feels like it. We learned from a starving gnome that both sides in the Silver Mine Dispute have been taken as slaves by The Master and have been responsible for the traps we’ve been steadily setting off. We’ve also learned that Mad Harold’s nephews are afraid of us, and for good reason as by my count we’ve cut down no less than eight of them. The only real threat was a trap Billiam set off that stuck him in a room with a bloody altar on one end and a dozen zombies on the other. We got him out in the nick of time, but I’d like to go back after this master business and see what the deal was there.

Perhaps the most meaningful interaction we had in the last few days was with a pragmatic mercenary bugbear named Yug-Zug. He was hired as a headhunter for The Master but understands that if we die, even more adventurers will replace us and has offered to join us for a modest fee. None of us trust him and with good reason, but even Billiam agreed it’s better that the devil you know is between you and the zombies. Plus, he theoretically knows where The Master is, and the sooner we can keep the dead dead, the sooner we can move on to grander and hopefully better smelling adventures.


He’s going to try and kill us.

Garbage Friends

you forgot about garbage bug

Garbage Friends
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