Mystery Team

Hard Bargains

We didn’t know how the mayor was going to take the news that his daughter is now evidently practicing the dark arts and being a TOTAL BITCH, so we decided to pack up Henrietta in case he chases us out of town. When we got to the store room, however, we realized how much stuff we had actually collected since we reached town and decided it was best not to totally pack up, but to just make the valuable stuff easier to make off with. The other guys broke the news to the sheriff that his niece had turned and he took it surprisingly well, but warned us that the mayor may not be so even-keeled so they left it up to the sheriff to inform the mayor and headed back to the inn.

It was lucky of us to run across some traveling merchants in town who were more than happy to take some of our wares off of our hands. In return, we got a few items of higher worth. It’ll make it that much easier to travel light and will hopefully prove more useful to us than a bunch of crossbows and midget armor. We got a full quiver of silver-tipped arrows, some very nice leather armor, and a few other treasures before parting ways with the traders.

The Applegate Farm was the next piece of the puzzle to examine, so we made our way there in the morning. When we arrived at the farm, there was a strange feeling that all was not well. No sooner than this feeling started to settle in, we noticed a few strange figures speeding toward us on the horizon. As they drew closer, showing no signs of stopping, we realized that it was the three goblins that accompanied Yug-Zug. I held off my blowgun darts for as long as I could until I was positive they weren’t just coming to talk to us. We were able to take down a couple, but the worgs carried them off into the distance. One lone goblin was left there for us to question, but his lack of a tongue made it a little difficult to get anything out of him. His attitude didn’t do us or him any favors either. When we asked him if he’d rather answer a few simple questions for us or die, he chose death. No telling when we’ll see the rest of his team again.

Inside the Applegates’ farmhouse, we found the Applegate family, dead. I don’t know if it was those goblins, Vanessa, or just a mass suicide, but I’m growing weary of this town’s surprises. We kicked the clues around for a bit before heading back into town. After resting for a spell, Billiam shared with us that he had the strangest dream. I caught something about “don’t give it to him,” though it could honestly mean anything. My guess is, we’ll know what he’s talking about when we see it. Unfortunately, we won’t be able to ask Grant his opinion on the dream, because we were informed that he had apparently succumbed to old age. Billiam took it pretty hard, they had grown quite close and had a lot in common.

I’m assuming the sheriff found the time and courage to tell the mayor about his daughter. The next time we saw him, he didn’t seem like himself. He was quite angry and was trying to get us to hand over all of our property, but the sheriff reminded him that we’re there to help and he backed off some. We’re still going to need to watch our backs for a while. Hopefully, we’ll be able to help these good people and all will be well again. I doubt it.


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