Mystery Team

Loose Ends

  • Stolen Army Equipment – the goblin bandits, kobold bandits, and the gnomes and kobolds fighting over the silver mine are all using stolen army crossbows. Someone is stealing this stuff and supplying these factions with the arms. Why is obvious: money. The question is who.
  • Kobold Bandit Chief We need to go kill this guy. Hopefully question him first, but I’m flexible. The Sheriff sent word to the king for some more support, but it looks like that ain’t coming.
  • Yug-Zug – Yug-Zug’s signet ring is weird, and the message carried by his tongueless companions is even weirder. They tried to off us, and seem to be connected to what is going on in the abbey and with Vanessa in a big way. If we can figure out who hired these guys we might be able to figure out what all of this is about.
    Someone new in the abbey the message Ximian decoded said something about Yug-Zug’s employer sending a new agent to the area. The lady bard in the Fat Pony said the warlock merchant told her the same thing: new people are messing around in the abbey.
  • Merchants the creepy merchants are up to something. They are definitely into some shady, magical shit. When they hired us to check out the wizard’s house to retrieve their weird mechanical bird the guy turns up dead and there is some serious magic stuff going on around his house. We need to figure out what these guys are up to.
  • The Wizard – speaking of the wizard, we really need some more info on who this guy was and why someone would explode him while he was chilling out smoking his pipe.
  • Hellgarth’s village – might be worth going back to the swamp to check the town out and see if anyone knows anything.
  • Mayor’s Assassination – The mayor was taken out by a guy. I found sign of it outside his window. The butler said it was some kind of ghost. We need to talk to this guy in private and get a more in-depth look at the mayor’s house. Especially Vanessa’s room. We found a weird note in the mayor’s desk which sounds pretty par for the course in the family.
    The mayor also turned up dead after the guy he hired to open the box showed up in town. The sheriff never even saw the guy. Is this connected? We need to track this guy down, maybe go through the mayor’s office and figure out how he got in touch with this magic box opener fella.
  • Where is Vanessa
  • What is in the fucking box


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