Mystery Team

Square One

After Wulfchild finished scouting out the goblin base we waited for nightfall before we stormed the fortress. Ximian used his new wand to enable me to climb the largest of the three towers, and I walked up with Hellgarth on my back. The goblin standing guard was able to cry out an alarm before I killed him, but we already had the high ground. Hellgarth guarded the ladder up to the tower while I started picking off the little bastards with my bow. Henry and Ximian were able to climb into the tower with a grappling hook, and Wulfchild landed as an owl and transformed back into himself.
Once we had assembled in the tower the goblins began trying to storm it. Ximian and Wulfchild did a good job using slings and blow darts against the fucking goblins on the ladder while Hank and I started shooting at the approaching goblins. Then we saw what we thought was the shaman Smoe that Hellgarth had come hunting. I tried out the strange arrows that we had taken off of the goblins that ambushed us at the willow, and they turned out to work the same as the magical arrows that we had found before: namely, they exploded when they hit him. What was apparently Smoe turned tail and ran for a well that was near his tent. The remaining goblins under the tower also fled across the rope bridge that spanned a pit that divided the fortress.

As soon as Hellgarth saw Smoe fleeing, he slid down the ladder and started giving chase. I decided to follow Hellgarth, and because I still had the wands effect cast on me, I was able to run down the side well and catch up to Smoe. He was casting some type of spell, so as a last resort I put an arrow in the goblin shaman’s throat. As Hellgarth caught up to me, we saw strange figures rise up out of the mud. Looking up, I noticed that we were in the pit. I yelled up to the others for help. They threw down torches that went out in the mud, but we were able to see what we were up against at least: zombie alligators and several goblin and halfling zombies. Hellgarth, Wulfchild and I started fighting against them when suddenly we started taking fire from above. The goblins that had fled earlier had returned with slings and were trying to kill us. We backed into the tunnels and were able to kill the zombies one at a time, avoiding the sling bullets from above. Ximian and Hank caught up to us in the tunnels, and we all turned back around to face the goblins that were attacking from above. When we got back to the surface I spidered over the fence and picked up their trail. The little cowards had fled after their first volley. We started going through the camp for treasure or information.

Hellgarth made several interesting discoveries. The shaman we killed wasn’t Smoe. He was worshiping Asmodeus, the same god that Vanessa was being controlled by. The shaman was also carrying a short sword with some unknown property to it and Hellgarth kindly gave to me. Hellgarth also found a key.

The key went to a lockbox that Ximian and Hank were messing with in the shaman’s tent. It had some money and jewels and things in it, which Ximian keeps talking about needing so that he can do his wizard bullshit and get a weasel to be his friend or something. Nothing else of import in the tent.

Wulfchild found something big. The trunk in the other big tent contained Vanessa’s clothes, our first clue in weeks.

I went through the lower ranking goblin’s tents and found nothing of real importance. I decided I didn’t like the idea of leaving a fortress for a new bunch of fucking goblins to move into, so I started tearing down tents and piling all of their shit up and torching it. Then I piled up the bodies, lit them up, and put the torch to the towers and the walls. I tried to explain to the group that no bodies meant no goblin zombies and no fort meant no new goblins in the fucking fort. I know they think I’m starting to lose it. I’m just tired of taking chances with all of the zombies and the necromancers and the fucking goblins.

The shaman that was in command of this group of goblins was deader than a bag of hammers, I shot an explosive arrow into his throat, so if we were going to get anyone to tell us where Vanessa was we were going to have to track down the pack of cowards that was on the run across the swamp. We camped out near the fortress, and that night Ximian had a strange dream that he was being drug under water by a tall, ghoulish man with long clawed arms. He was convinced that the thing was real, and the next day as we traveled through the swamp he swore again and again that he had seen the thing stalking him, although I could find no sign of a man when I checked the area.

We came to a clearing and found some kind of monstrous old woman catching rats. I was trying to spy on her, and suggested we just go around her, but Wulfchild went up and talked to her. Turns out she is a pretty nice lady. She fed us and put us up for the night, and warned Ximian about the thing that he had been cursed with. She is some kind of ogre witch woman and knew he had been cursed with something called a Bogey. She said a priest could dispel it, and we promised Ximian that we would keep him safe until we could get him back to town.

We couldn’t let the goblins get away though. We were less than a day from their camp, and we came upon their cave to find none of them around the campfire. They were in a nearby cave with no guards posted. Ximian threw a spell inside blindly, and Hellgarth, Hank, Wulfchild and I ran inside. I found three of them sleeping from the spell and quickly cut the last one down. All of us running inside was probably a bad idea.

I could hear Smoe chanting deeper in the cave, and I started running towards him to cut him down. Wulfchild followed and Hellgarth started tying up the captives. Ximian started screaming like a small, terrified girl. We killed the fuck out of Smoe and then I turned around to find Hank slicing ineffectively at the Bogey.
I charged in and started slicing the fuck out of it. I guess both of my swords are magic now, as is Wulfchilds quarterstaff, because we killed the shit out of that thing. Just completely destroyed him. Ximian said he could tell the curse was broken.
We camped for the night. Then it was time for me to get some answers. The first two goblins didn’t know anything and started crying and wetting themselves pretty much as soon as I drug them across the cave by their hair and started shoving their faces near the burning coals of the campfire. The third goblin seemed a little smarter, so I let Ximian try on of his tricks on him. Somehow, he convinced the goblin that I was questioning that he was his best friend. The little guy started telling him everything. Unfortunately, all he had to tell us was that Vanessa’s trail was cold.

We decided to go back to town to try to look for a new lead. I’m going to try to organize all of the loose ends that we have going here when we get back and see if we cant figure out what to do about the situation.



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