Gnome Commandos


The Gnome Commandos are a highly organized militaristic group of gnomes. They appear to have reach outside of the vicinity of Lister. Their agents were sent in to take control of the silver mine that reaches under the abbey. They are at war with One Eye’s kobolds over said silver mine. They have also had messages intercepted by hobgoblins working for Yug-Zug’s mercenary company, although they may be unaware of this.

The Gnome Commandos have ambushed the Bad News Bugbears once when it was discovered that they knew the location of the silver mine. The gnome commando squad was wiped out except for one prisoner who was set free. One gnome commando enslaved by the Master was also set free by the Bad News Bugbears. A Gnome Commando named Silvergnom was also encountered in the hunting cabin near the mouth of the silver mine cave. Silvergnom is said to still be alive, although the worse for ware after the battle in the silver mine.

The Gnome Commandos have taken up residence in the abbey. They are under the command of a (presumably) gnome commando named Bryan.

They are armed with short swords of fair quality as well as light and hand crossbows stolen from the royal army. They generally wear leather armor. Sergeants are identified by special leather armor covered in pockets and normally carry firebombs.

For the time being there is a truce between the Bad News Bugbears and the Gnome Commandos. They are to speak with their leader after successfully wiping out One Eye and his kobolds.


Gnome Commandos

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