Yug-Zug's Mercenary Company


Yug-Zug’s mercenary company is a group of hobgoblin, bugbear, and possibly other race consultants who were hired on by the master.

The members of the company are formidably armed and armored. Underlings have their tongues removed and cannot be questioned. Although they were hired by the Master, their loyalty to their employers is questionable as Yug-Zug was fairly easily bought off, and attempted to help the group.

Yug-Zug was killed in the abbey by Vanessa. His hobgoblin underlings attacked the adventuring party later for an unknown reason (they did not have tongues and could not be questioned) and were also wiped out. They had at some point intercepted a message from the Gnome Commandos, although it is unknown if they knew the contents of the coded message.

Yug-Zug was in possession of a signet ring showing a broken bone, presumably the mark of the company. The hobgoblin, although he could not speak, seemed to indicate that the company had more members when he implied that he would seek reinforcement if released.


Yug-Zug's Mercenary Company

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