Journal of Alexander Martin

a musty diary found locked in a trunk.


This musty and moldy diary was found locked in a steamer trunk deep in the catacombs under the Abbey.


“…The Abbot has asked me to keep an eye Friar Cartwright, Deacon Wilcox, and Friar Benjamin. They have been acting strangely lately for certain but I know not what they could be doing that would require such covert surveillance. I will seek them out and confront them about what they have been up to…”

“…I followed them into the woods. I found them meeting with a woman from the village. By her manner and dress I knew her to be a sinner and woman of loose morals. They arranged a time for her to be brought into the Abbey itself. The blasphemy. I shall meet them at that time and confront them with their sin…”

“…I found them in the catacombs. The woman was stripped bare on a table smiling apparently waiting for the men to begin. I stepped forward to confront them. Friar Cartwright turned to look at me and nodded. I was about to condemn them but found fear held my tongue. Friar Cartwright said he knew me and knew my fear but also he knew how to free me from it. He handed me a dagger and I went to the woman. She looked up at me and her smile changed to an expression of confusion and then terror. I brought the knife down quickly to cut off her screams. Then I heard the Voice…”

Journal of Alexander Martin

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