Journal of Deacon James Wilcox

A cardboard composition book miraculously in good condition.


This is the journal of Deacon James Wilcox dated over 70 years ago.

“…The Abbot has received a package from the head of our order. Some relic that has been sent here for safe keeping. He ordered me to lock it in the deepest level of our catacombs and not even to unwrap it from the crate it was shipped in and tell no one of it. I have no idea what could be so precious to be kept so secret and yet they would send it here to be guarded by dead heroes and old monks…”

“…Friar Cartwright caught me as I on my way to the catacombs to store the relic. The young Cartwright was as curious as I was about it. Perhaps foolishly I allowed Thomas to talk me into unpacking it before storing it in the catacombs. It was all for nought though. When we opened the crate we found a metal box with the lid welded firmly shut…”

“…Cartwright wanted to see the metal box again and for some reason so did I. We went down into the catacombs to take a look at it half expecting to find it had magically unwelded itself and opened. We found it just as we left it and felt quite foolish…”

“…Thomas woke me in the middle of the night and insisted we check on the box. As soon as he mentioned it I seemed to be filled with the same curiosity that drove him. We went down and disappointingly found it just as we left it. But then we heard it. The Voice!”


Journal of Deacon James Wilcox

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