Journal of Marcus Benjamin

A dusty leather-bound diary


This is the journal of Friar Marcus Benjamin dated over 70 years ago.


It details the day to day goings on of the Abbey for the most part. The interesting section begins with a mention of Friar Thomas Cartwright:

“…I never realized how boring life in the Abbey was until Friar Cartwright told me of his goal to join the Paladin order and become a brave warrior. That kind of thing never appealed to me until I heard the deeds of the great Paladins recounted by Thomas. Thomas himself applied to join the order but was rejected deemed unfit for battle. He says with St. Cuthbert’s guidance he will find a way to join them…”

“…Thomas thinks we are wasting are time here in the Abbey copying old books and looking over the remains of long dead heroes. He thinks we are made for a grander destiny and he says he’s found the key to unlocking it. He’s so passionate one can’t help but share his enthusiasm…”

“…Thomas shared with me what he found. A voice comes from the relic that was entrusted to the Abbot. It knows our deepest hidden desires and fears but shares with us the knowledge to attain desire and overcome fear. Surely is is a gift from St. Cuthbert! Why would the Abbot keep a thing locked away?…”

“…The voice has shown us how to realize power I’ve never dreamed possible. That fool the Abbot doesn’t know what he’s dealing with. Though there are few of us now we are growing in strength and number. When the time comes the Abbot and all the other weaklings who have held us back will be dealt with…”

Journal of Marcus Benjamin

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