Mystery Team

Bad News Bugbears and the Mystery of The Wizard's Demise

At the behest of one of the shady merchants Ximian befriended, we canoed our way to the tower of one of their wizard associates. Being bona fide adventurers, we were only slightly dismayed at the fact that the only entrance of note to the tower was an obsidian wall surrounded by lovely statuary. We can also take our official adventurer status into account when no one was particularly surprised that the statues promptly came to life and immediately cut me down. I doubt the bards will be singing of the battle that ensued, as we were repeatedly cut down by the statues and were left to bleed out until Wulfchilde, who was stranded on the roof of the burnt out tower early on in the fight saved us by pouring the last of our healing potions in our comatose mouths. The third time we took the statues on, cooler heads prevailed and we eventually wore them down through our entire supply of explosive arrows, only to find out we could have simply walked through the illusory obsidian wall and had been done with it. Oh well, at least no one died.

Once we were inside the wizard’s tower, things slowed down a bit. A quick examination showed that the poor bastard lost his tower and life while smoking from his pipe and presumably falling asleep. On the third floor, we found a safe hidden behind what we can only assume or hope is a stuffed red dragon’s head. We took it’s contents as well as the head for good measure. Ximian found a spellbook and spent a while learning some extra spells. The only thing we didn’t find was the canary we were there to retrieve.

However, on the way out, I thought to check for a trap door. Sure enough, at the bottom of the tower was the canary in a cage attached to a chain. Of course, before I thought to check for traps, we had already taken the cage, and almost immediately the stairs collapsed and the entire basement started flooding. We thought we could just wade back to the first floor, but two taxidermied snakes swam out of the trap and attempted to drown us. We ultimately slew (reslew?) them and were able to climb to safety. We were incredibly excited that a mission had gone so smoothly (besides the whole “repeated near death expriences”) bit that we had completely forgot that we missed the stand-off with the mayor of Ustergard for the mysterious metal box.

When we made it back to the canoe rental place, we were accosted by the Mayor’s thugs. We slew one and took two on the ferry back with us. The canoemaster was clearly in on the ambush, but we figured we had enough on our hands and let him stew as we headed back to town.


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