Mystery Team

Quick Catch Up

It has been pretty hectic since our last entry, so I will try to keep this brief.

We tracked down One-Eye, chasing him into some Dwarven ruins. He blew the bridge behind us, so we were separated from our way back to Lister, as well as our donkey Henrietta. We killed some more diseased kobolds, but they downed Wulfchild. Hank, Ximian and I went forward to try and find a way out and hopefully help for Wulfchild. Hellgarth stayed behind to guard over him. We found an exit to the cave, oddly, from a well on the side of the mountain. Nearby we found a manse owned by an elven woman and her daughters. The lady gave us a salve that she said would cure Wulfchild, so the next morning we returned to the caves and brought him back. The lady was dead set on us staying with her.

When we got back it started raining to the point that we couldn’t travel. She had no idea what had happened to One-Eye, so we stayed to wait out the storm. Ximian decided to check out the lady’s library and got drugged by poison book pages and put in a cell within the house. We didn’t know that, of course, and the house was attacked by some kind of corpse monster. I assumed that the monster had something to do with Ximian’s dissapearance and set off into the woods, probably unwisely, unarmored and with no equipment. We traded blows and he dropped a tree on me. Hank and Wulfchild arrived with our equipment and we set off again after the creature.
We found some kind of tomb, and inside was a strange cat. The monster came back and dropped another tree on the tomb, trapping Hank inside. Wulfchild was able to talk to the cat with his druid powers, and the cat revealed a secret passage into the Greenbranch summer home.

Once there we tried to find the monster again, but instead were attacked by a piano. Wulfchild set it on fire and then we trapped it in a door frame and stabbed it to death. When we went back outside, the monster was there again.

Meanwhile, Ximian had escaped from his cell with the help of a wizard named Frost. He was able to recover some of his things and find Hellgarth. They decided to try to confront the crazy elven lady who had captured Ximian, but instead Hellgarth got mind controlled by her and Ximian ran and hid in the woods.

Ximian was able to get Hellgarth back in his right mind, and again they confronted the lady. She teleported them to where we were, and we fought the monster again. We managed to kill him, but then a lightning bolt came out of the sky and brought him back to life, so I stabbed it a bunch of times and Hank shot it with magic arrows until it went down again. I cut off his arms and legs so that if he came alive again he at least wouldn’t be able to do much.

The next morning we went stormed the house to try to take down this crazy woman. Ximian found some necromancy books in the summer home and decided to try using the spells. He was able to animate a bear skeleton and a fox skeleton to attack the house with, but when we arrived something weird was going on in the house. It was full of fog and there was some kind of machine giving off weird light upstairs. Hank and I scaled the outside of the house and I shot the bulb out of the machine, releasing some kind of lightning monster that almost killed us. Hank shot out the skylight and the lightning thing flew away. Hellgarth, Wulfchild, and Ximian went in through the bottom floor and fought some kind of imp creatures until they found us. Then we went to the main hall to find her, Frost, and her daughters waiting for us.

It was revealed to us that the box I was carrying was way, way more dangerous than we had thought. We knew Vanessa had gotten some kind of evil power from the box, and that the box had turned Friar Tom into whatever the hell he was, and had twisted the monks in the abbey. She said it contained a captain of hell. Then Frost got loose from his bonds and tried to hold her off, yelling at us to escape. Hellgarth ran up and tried to punch her and she shot him with a lightning bolt that killed him dead.

Ximian and Wulfchild bolted, but Hank had figured out that anything that hurt Frost also hurt the crazy wizard woman, so we tried to stop them both by knocking him out. Hank and Frost got trapped in a magical cage, so I ran the box to Ximian and went back to try to help Hank.

Frost shot himself with a magic missile that knocked him, and the wizard, out cold. I cut the woman’s head off and we ran off to try to find Ximian and Wulfchild. We decided we had to go back and bury Hellgarth and destroy the bodies of the wizards, however when we got back the house was full of even more imps and lightning monsters, so we went up to try to destroy the machine. We managed to break the machine, but Ximian wanted to break it down for all of the gold and gems that it was made of. Then we found Hellgarth and Frost’s bodies. We burned Frost, hoping that it would keep the missing woman from being resurrected. Then we buried Hellgarth.

We set out into the woods back towards the mountains.


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